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My mission is to unite communities with uplifting music that inspires them to learn and appreciate cultural diversity while enjoying the 
present moment.

November Rose is Atlanta-based music producer and DJ, Anthony Daniel from Pontiac, Michigan. His culturally-infused soundscapes and audacious grooves offer uplifting perspectives on Electronic Dance Music. It matches foreign with familiar.
2018’s Mito EP, is a lush and cinematic montage inspired by a recent trip to Hyderabad, India. He references this project as his “awakening” into musicianship. The album feels straight out of Bollywood action film followed by an after party at a night club.
He refined his culture-centric style with 2019’s Desi Spice Vol. 1., which showcased classic Bollywood samples over soulful, trap-like electronic beats. Each track builds upon the last, contributing to an endless vibe that will slap your speakers.
November Rose’s appreciation for multiculturalism is the driving force behind his music. “Immersive interaction with various ethnic groups living in Southeastern Michigan, influenced my sound.” , says November Rose. He also attributes his style to the electronic and soul music he grew up listening to outside of Detroit.
As an artist and DJ, he aspires to unite communities over uplifting music. And from the diversity of his listeners, he is accomplishing this goal.
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